The Locksmith Radio Show

Charley Eastwood from Locksmith Charley and Ryan of Andrews Lock and Key host another segment of The Locksmith Show live from downtown Phoenix in the Independent Talk Radio 1100 KFNX studio. The locksmiths talk about industry news including informing the consumer on the locksmith scammers and their various tactics that they use to try and get as much money out of the customer as possible. They talk about different measures to combat the so-called locksmiths in some very jokingly ways as well as some serious measures to rid the industry of the problem. 

Charley talks about the relock which is made for bicycles which have a proximity device to unlock the bike lock as soon as you approach. He goes over the features of the device as well as some of the security flaws that it may have since it can come unlocked by a person simply walking by the bike.

Rob Painter is back on the phone talking about locksmith forensics and different cases he approaches in the automotive thief industry for car insurance companies.