The Locksmith Radio Show

Today the locksmiths prepare for a day that threw everything their way. From laptops updating, computers malfunctioning, and internet connection issues. The locksmiths share topics about the industry and different jobs and products they had experience week over the week. Locksmith Charley announces that he will be traveling to California for a few locksmith meetings and conferences, and Andrew from Andrews Lock and Key talks about taking a three week vacation with his family.

Ryan mentions transponder keys and the locksmith talk for some time about the different style transponder keys for vehicles and the different computers they use to program the keys to the car. They also talk about accessing a house and picking the doors or using every non-destructive methods before just drilling and replacing the lock unlike the scammer locksmiths. Locksmith Charley talks about home security a little more in detail about the vulnerabilities with hackers, also the theory behind the cars that are being hacked and controlled remotely. 

We always encourage callers both consumers and locksmiths to call every show, but on this show we invited anyone from local legislation or any of the senators could call in to talk about the Communications Decency Act or the locksmith scam issue in general.