The Locksmith Radio Show

Charley was out sick today but Andrew and Ryan from Andrews Lock and Key host today's show with Tom Lynch from Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL) calling in to talk about consumer issues in the locksmith industry. Andrew talks about a customer who had called him and quoted him a price but gets a call back about 30 minutes later that the locksmith was trying to charge him $195 to unlock his car when Andrew quoted a flat price at way less. Before Ryan could arrive the so-called locksmith tried several other methods of getting the customer to pay for the bill by lowering it several times before just leaving. Unfortunately after Ryan was able to get the car open he still was unable to find the keys. Luckily the guy found his car keys by the trash can where he had tossed his coffee cup.

They talk with Tom about Society of Professional Locksmiths and the future of the locksmith industry. A way of providing a merchant verification program called Lock Verify. A representative will physically go and verify that the locksmith company exists and that there is a professional locksmith that can complete the job to provide consumers a directory where they can find trusted experienced locksmiths. The goal is to create work for the members of SOPL and the industry as a whole as well as combat the fraudulent locksmiths in the industry by exposing them or educating the consumer.

The locksmiths discuss on how the power of the review, consumers leaving comments and reviews on social media platforms like Google +, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Tom gives tips and tricks to the consumer on what to look for when you hire a professional locksmith. He explains that a professional locksmith is going to do everything they can to not have to use destructive force in order gain access. He explains it is a locksmiths job to try and sell.

Ryan also invited all the listeners to meet in the parking lot of Independent Talk Radio 1100 AM KFNX after the show and they will receive a free copy of their house or office key or car key if it does not require a microchip.

Towards the end of the show, Tom talks about some issues going on with the military and recommends some topics. The locksmiths thank the service members of the United States for their sacrifice they have given to the country.