The Locksmith Radio Show

Today on The Locksmith Show we covered a few articles that came up recently in the news. One about a new device used for stealing key fob codes to get in to cars. Another articles we covered was about the attorney general of Minnesota recently banning a Florida based Locksmith company from doing business in their area. We also had Leland Imm call in again and talk about some of the google map issues he has been facing. We had a forensic locksmith call in and give us some information about how insurance companies are getting out of paying people when their cars are stolen. We also talked a little about the Intermountain Lock and Security Expo that took place on Friday as well as some of the venders and tool suppliers that were on site.



ABC 5 in Minnesota covered a story on Friday about a locksmith company based out of Florida setting up fake phone numbers, company names, and addresses to scam residents in Minnesota. According to Attorney General Lori Swanson the company has been banned from doing business in Florida.

When customers would call the phone numbers listed for what appeared to be companies based out of Minnesota, call center employees in Florida would answer. They were using company names like "Burnsville Locksmith" and "Minneapolis Locksmith Service" to get customers to call in. They were advertising that they were licensed ad bonded but Minnesota does not license, insure, or certify locksmiths. 


ABC 7 in Buffalo NY posted an article on February 2nd about a potential security risk for consumers that use key fobs to lock and unlock their cars (which is almost all of us). For around $30 a thief can buy a device that will allow them to gain access to your vehicle. Local Buffalo police have seen an increase in reports of vehicles being burglarized with no signs of forced entry.

When you press the lock or unlock button on your key fob a signal is transmitted from the key fob to your vehicle telling it to wither lock or unlock. These devices are stealing those signals right out of the air. Most auto manufacturers are ware of this exploit and are working to fix the issue according to Ron Chase, owner of Buffalo Key & Lock in North Tonawanda Some newer key fobs use different codes every time you click the unlock button making it harder to hack but even those systems are being hacked.

The police recommend you continue to park in well lit areas, make sure all of your windows are up and your doors are locked. Make sure to remove your spare key from the vehicle if you left it in there. Also, move valuable out of sight. And remember if you lock your doors with the in-car switch the signal is not transmitted which makes it harder to be hacked.