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After about my four words Andrew needs to interrupt Charley and say this is sunday morning and you're not in New York After about the next four words Ryan chimes in with Charley you're not in Nashville then from there on Charley will try and get it right. So today's intro was a little bit weird. Charley called in for the very beginning of the show because he was running fashionably late. After sorting through some technical difficulties on the fly the show started running more smoothly.

We had Leland Imm with My Reasonable Locksmith call in and he spoke about his battles with the scammers. We also found out that recently the scammer website that was falsely posting the listings of all the local companies has removed the green click to call box. So it looks like the fight against these criminals is starting to gain some ground. We had a secret locksmith call in and talk about the scammers.

Andrew, Charley, and Leland exchanged different stories that consumers have shared with them. Andrew brought up someone he knows that has worked for the scammers in the past. This person still is to afraid to come on the air and share his story. The guys talked some more about trying to organize the locksmith industry to fight the scammers as a unified group.

All of these independent owners have great ideas on how to fight the scammers but none of them really work together. Andrew shared some information that would be helpful for shop owners on listing their companies. The name of the game is getting your company seen online.


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