The Locksmith Radio Show

Unfortunately Charley was out sick today but Andrew McColley of Andrews Lock and Key and Andrew Flores from AZ Tech Geeks are live from the Arizona Professional Locksmith Association Studios in midtown Phoenix at Independent Talk Radio 1000AM KFNX. The two talk about the home security and residential vulnerability points you should look out for as well as what the locksmith generally survey upon arrive on a job.

Andrew starts off by asking the other Andrew how people get into your house? Many people will open bay windows or other windows and forget to lock them or put proper security locks on them to make sure a break-ins is less likely to occur. Andrew the locksmith gives his expert advice and knowledge about using window locks or Charley bars that are stronger than the wood dowels people use.

Our producer asks how to better secure a doggy door. He shares a story with the locksmiths about a time his home in Phoenix was broken into through the doggy door that he didn't even think of securing. Andrew talked about people who have large dogs with doggy doors to reinforce the door and put a padlock on it in order to keep it secure while you are out of town or away from the house. He jokes about hopefully if you have a dog that large, it will take a "bite out of crime."

It is also very important to make sure that you lock the garage door when leaving the house or securing the residence overnight. The local news in Phoenix was running a story looking to speak with a man who had been seen by surveillance video and almost coming face-to-face with one of the victims children. It has been reported that the guy had been walking up to people's open garage and taking valuables including an electric scooter.

Andrew McColley talks about the importance of everyone having a safe in their home. They joke about the "safes" you can buy at Wal-Mart and Harbor Freight and then provide better tips on a good home safe for your important documents, guns, valuables, etc. Andrew suggests that everyone gets a safe and buys the one that will last them the rest of their life. He talks about the use of a firebox within the safe to keep important things like cash, the house deed, and wedding documents inside of. Then if a fire does happen in the house the papers will still be preserved inside the safe with the protection of the fire box as well.

The Locksmith Show wants to hear from our listeners and meet them as well. Please feel free to leave comments on anything you would like to hear about dealing with the locksmith industry or any other industry that has a large amount scams.