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We had a pretty interesting show this week. Mark Baldino got a ruling on his court case against Google. We spent the majority of the show discussing the scammer issue and what the court system is doing to help combat this issue. Everyone on the Locksmith Show is passionate about the locksmith industry and sometimes we have different opinions about how to better the industry. One thing we can all agree on as local locksmith companies and technicians is the public needs to be made aware of the service industry scams that are going on. When you need a Locksmith in Mesa or Arizona in general the hosts of The Locksmith Show are your best source for trusted locksmith companies to work with.

I Posted 8/14/2015 - Channel 3 on Your Side 

Ami Hanan / First 24/7 / 24/7 Locksmith / Precision Local Locksmith is at it again...

This time raising a 17yr old Skye Johnson's simple car lockout from $55 to a whopping $289.00!

I challenge the AZ Attorney General's office to tell the public why they insist on doing nothing!

Now Kristen's post says "3 days ago". I got the e-mail from YouTube on 11/20 @ 10:18AM so that seems about right...

I really want someone to do an undercover sting operation on this guy. Hello MESA PD? PHOENIX PD? TEMPE PD?  A.G. BRNOVICH?  Why can this same guy trick people over and over, causing financial CHAOS in their lives while no one other than media people look out for them?

UPDATE:   12/13/15 I've reached out to Kristen - no response yet. 
                        Skye Johnson has not replied yet either.

I have been telling y'all for months now to look out for advertisements with unrealistically low service call prices. Just think about it a minute. The price of a vehicle, the price of gas, the hourly rate of an employee (or just yourself)... if it takes them 30 minutes to get to you, it is an hour round trip for them...

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