The Locksmith Radio Show

Today on The Locksmith Show we talk about Locksmith Charley's adventure across the United States after he bought a new locksmith vehicle. Locksmith Charley and Andrew McColley of Andrews Lock and Key continued their discussion about the unscrupulous locksmiths or "locksmith scammers" and Andrews new encounter with one of them after his parents friend got locked out of their house. 

Michael from Florida calls in to talk about how he does not like the fact of calling them unscrupulous locksmiths or "locksmith scammers" and wants to call them what they are criminals in the locksmith industry. Michael gives his opinion on how to inform the public about the locksmith scam and service scammers in general by getting on television and getting into home improvement shows and other public service announcements. Michael talks about trying to get ALOA more involved on public television to inform the masses on a platform that many people watch.

Michael talks about licensing in order to try to help get rid of the bad guys. Locksmith Charley gives the review of locksmiths having licensing requirements in only 15 states and when he gave information on a locksmith criminal to the California licensing board they only returned with the enforcement that he was not keeping adequate employee records.

Andrew gives his opinion that the younger population isn't really watching television anymore and doesn't believe it is the best platform to inform the consumers of the scammer locksmiths. He says that it would be best to use YouTube, Netflix, and other internet broadcasting tools rather than expensive television advertisements or direct placement advertisements with television shows. 

Locksmith Charley and Michael discuss on how the unscrupulous locksmith should be held accountable by changing certain laws or following postal transactions that can provide linking and locating assistance for finding the criminal in control of these locksmith scams.