The Locksmith Radio Show

The locksmiths answer a YouTube question from last weeks show from "MRDeadFamily" who asked for advise in starting a mobile locksmith business. Locksmith Charley talks about the importance of having the proper computers needed to program car keys as well as the knowledge to connect wires in order to get the proper communication for new door locks. He mentioned how if your not too technically savvy there is going to be trouble with certain jobs and how you need to stay on the cutting edge with the locksmith industry advancements and technologies. Andrew McColley from Andrews Lock and Key talked about how he worked for several other companies and studied their do's and don'ts to build his business. Charley gives advise on networking with other guys in the industry who can help you with equipment or help you if you get stuck on a job. The locksmiths also talk about the importance of joining one of the many professional locksmith associations that have additional educational materials and forums to talk to other locksmiths.

The scammer that was caught in action at the gas station by Andrew has surfaced two more times now continuing to scam people out of money by giving the lowest price point to win the job in order to add hundreds more once the job is complete. Andrew received a call from a lady looking to have a lock cut off a storage locker but thought the quote was a little high. Two days later she called back and said that whoever we referred the call to came out in a red sports car and after the job was complete he was trying to charge almost double of what Andrew quoted. Charley shared a story about a call that he referred to Andrew who thought the price quoted was too much money, but ended up getting into a bait- and switch scheme with the person she ended up choosing to do the job. Buyer beware is the best advise that can be given.

Happy Father's Day everybody!