The Locksmith Radio Show

The locksmiths started off the show today discussing the attack in Florida of over 50 people being killed in a nightclub last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and people involved. It is a sad day when people are out for a night of fun and end up with their safety in jeopardy and friends dead or injured.

Locksmith Charley mentions Andrew's Lock and Key YouTube Channelthat has a viral video gaining some traction from catching a scammer in action at a gas station in Tempe. The video has over 400,000 views and a very popular comment thread. Andrew hopes to bring more awareness to the consumer by continuing to expose the so called locksmiths in every avenue possible while bringing together the local locksmiths of Phoenix to work on developing the locksmith community and profession as a whole.

The locksmiths had a studio guest join in-studio, his name is Christopher and he is a former employee with a safe company working in the banking industry. Charley is looking at bring Christopher on as a locksmith with his company. Christopher had involvement working on safe deposit boxes. He started out doing locksmith work with some of the guys locally in the industry.

Charley gives the indicators of what to look out for when calling a locksmith for service. If they use the words "and up" and can't provide an accurate quote over the phone be alarmed. He also informed consumers about the SKIM or immobilizer ID for your vehicle used to program a new key to the car. This saves the consumer several dollars because if the locksmith has to purchase the code through a code broker or via the dealership then the cost has to be passed down to the consumer, but if the consumer goes into the parts or service department of the dealership they bought the car at they are able to obtain the code for a few dollars if not for free my simply showing proof of ownership.

And as always tune in every Sunday from 11AM to Noon live on Independent Talk Radio 1100AM Radio KFNXto hear more consumer tips and tricks as well as locksmith industry news and stories. Also if you come down to the KFNX studio after the show on Sundays at Noon the locksmiths would be glad to shack your hand and make you a free house key or car key if it doesn't require a transponder chip.