The Locksmith Radio Show

Live from the Arizona Professional Locksmith Association studio from Independent Talk Radio 1100 KFNX radio station The Locksmith Show with Andrew McColley of Andrews Lock and Key and Charley owner of Locksmith Charley sit down for an hour to talk about the locksmith industry, try to inform consumers of the locksmith scam, and tips and tricks when looking for a locksmith. 

We continued the licensing and regulation talk today on The Locksmith Show, Andrew from Andrews Lock and Key and Charley of Locksmith Charley spend an hour informing the consumer on the locksmith industry and how to make sure that you hire a professional experienced locksmith for all your lock and key needs. The locksmiths share stories about safe openings they experienced throughout the week. Andrew talks about using a potato to open a safe as a bypass measure. Locksmith Charley talks about using magnets to access some combination chambers before the companies started using a different type of metal or security feature.

The locksmiths share their opinion on the pros and cons on licensing the locksmith industry. Charley says he likes how California has it done but would like to see some changes to some of the court procedures of the regulations as well as enforcement of the regulations.

Andrew talks about the scammer video and how he is receiving some information by someone who has involvement with the scammers and found out that they are now going to try to undercut Andrews jobs to steal his customers.