The Locksmith Radio Show

Today on The Locksmith Show, Locksmith Charley and Andrew and Andrew of Andrews Lock and Key talk about local politics, Arizona Professional Locksmith Association, industry licensing enforcement, and technology tips and tricks of of the locksmith industry.

Charley starts off the show talking about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the number 162, which is the number of pages of civil contempt citations against the Sheriff. They talk about what their opinion on his punishment should be and also about the cost the trial has brought to the tax payers of Maricopa County.

Andrew McColley of Andrews Lock and Key talked about the importance of the professional locksmiths in Arizona teaming together to combat the scammers in the industry but if at nothing else devise a way to inform the consumer of the issue to make them more aware.

Andrew Flores and Locksmith Charley talk about the licensing enforcement and how exactly Charley would like to see the locksmith industry regulated and enforced.

The locksmiths also had Tristan McColley in the Independent Talk Radio 1100AM KFNX studio who joined the discussion on a topic about a locksmith vehicle that was broken into and several arrests that where made because of the incident.

And in the end we announced the offer to meet in the parking lot to shake hands worth any listeners and copy a free house or office key, evencut a free car key if it is not a transponder key.