The Locksmith Radio Show

Today Locksmith Charley talked about speaking with Christine Jones who said that she may be able to sit down with us and talk about Google lying to the public, a communications decency act, and maybe a measure to force GoDaddy to provide information behind "Domains by Proxy" for scammer websites. He also talked about ALOA and being at the Directors Conference, Andrew gave his opinion that the association is losing members do to their lack of support to the industry. 

Andrew explained more on the association that he has created called Arizona Professional Locksmith Association and how he stumbled upon some 24 hour locksmith websites that were available for the phoenix metropolitan area and decided to take advantage of the websites to turn it into a government of local professional locksmiths. This association links together a large directory of locksmiths without providing direct advertisements for other friendly competitors. 

The association will consist of business owners or the business decision maker to have a meeting a couple times a month involving supply houses and other meeting areas to generate idea on how to fight the scam in the industry and build more individual sales. 

They also spoke with Tristen McColley, Andrew's son who was in the studio with them tonight. He talked about how he wants to be a video editor doing commercials and television shows. 

Robert Painter called and talked about the annoying topic that has been going on for a couple years about a forensic locksmith and how he has wrecked a ladies life by being a little on the dishonest side. She was forced into an investigation all because of an insurance company using a scammer forensic locksmith. 

As always the locksmiths were welcoming anyone who wanted to meet them in the parking lot of Independent Talk Radio 1100 KFNX parking lot on 3rd St and Palm in downtown Phoenix they would make a free house key or non-chip car key.