The Locksmith Radio Show

andrews lock and key mesa locksmith Andrew McColley has been a locksmith for nearly 15 years and owned Andrews Lock and Key for almost seven of those years. Working for as long as he has in the industry and owning his own locksmith company gives Andrew a lot of knowledge and perspective on the industry. When Charley contacted Andrew about starting The Locksmith Show, he jumped on the opportunity. Being able to educate the general public about this industry is something Andrew takes very seriously. 

    Getting the word out about the prevalent scammer issue the public and professional locksmiths face is of top priority to Andrew. He has had hundreds of customers contact him with stories of scammers coming out and not being able to do the job and over charging customers hundred and thousands of dollars. It is his goal to provide an excellent, ethical, honest, and skilled locksmith experience with all customers. Andrews hopes that he is able to help the public out with this radio show avoid being scammed and help improve the locksmith industry as a whole.